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APSU AT DUSK - Ksenia - Columbia University School of the Arts / d. Jacob Basri
WHAT WOULD JUDY DO?  -  Solo Performer, Creator, Producer  -  The Duplex Cabaret Theatre / d. Michael Pesce
THE BAD YEARS*  -  Ensemble -  Kerrigan-Lowdermilk / c. Jennifer Jancuska
IT'S JUST NOT IMPORTANT  -  SallyAnne  -  TADA! Youth Theatre
TELEPHONE PLAY  -  Thistle  -  Oh Force! Theatre Co. / d. Lio Sigerson
MY LIFE AMONG THE SERIAL KILLERS*  -  Heather West  -  The Viewpoints Collective / d. Jacob W. Patorti
SEXUAL PERVERSITY IN CHICAGO (workshop)  -  Danny Shapiro   -  Aroma Theatre Collaborative / d. Alexis Wilcock
PLAYGROUNDS  -  Cynthia  -  Columbia University Players  -  d. Lilla Goettler (WORLD PREMIERE)
LAS MENINAS -  Lady-in-Waiting  -  Barnard Theatre  -  d. Daniela Varon (NEW YORK PREMIERE) 

WHITE CHRISTMAS - Judy Haynes - La Comedia Dinner Theatre / d. Chris Beiser
WHAT WOULD JUDY DO? (MN Tour) - Solo Performer, Creator, Producer - The Reif Center (MN), Bryant-Lake Bowl (MN) / d. Michael Pesce
ROLL OUT THE BARREL  -  Ensemble, Featured Dancer  -  Busch Gardens Williamsburg / d. Jennifer Jancuska

1990s: THE DEADLIEST DECADE, Ep. 309 - Guest Star - Investigation Discovery / Lion Television
WHAT ARE WE? (upcoming feature)  -  Dancer  -  d. Jonah Feingold / c. Brandon Powers
DEADLINE: CRIME WITH TAMRON HALL, Ep. 303  -  Featured Reenactment  -  NBC / Peacock Productions
ROSE'S ROOM  -  Lead Actor  -  d. Jorge Arzac

THE WHALE (music video)  -  Featured Dancer  -  Daniel Emond / d. Thomas Rowell
RIGHT HAND MAN  -  Lead Dancer  -  d. Rafael Martinez-Salgado
DO NOT DISTURB  -  Lead Dancer  -  d. Jack Turits
THE GRID  -  Lead Dancer  -  d. Elizabeth Altomare


AND IT FELT LIKE A KISS*  -  Lead  -  Dixon Place  -  c. Brandon Powers
TREEFROG IN STONEHENGE  -  Principal  -  Miller Theater / c. Twyla Tharp
RITUAL  -  Principal  -  Miller Theater / c. Larry Keigwin
MASS OBSERVATION  -  Principal  -  New York Live Arts / c. Sidra Bell

WHAT ARE WE? (upcoming feature film)  -  Associate Choreographer  -  d. Jonah Feingold / c. Brandon Powers
ARDEN/EVERYWHERE: THE AS YOU LIKE IT PROJECT  -  Assistant Movement Director (mov. Brandon Powers)  -  BPAC / d. Jessica Bauman
THE GOREE ALL-GIRL STRING BAND  -  Movement Assistant (mov. Brandon Powers)  -  NYMF / d. Ashley Brooke Monroe
HERE: A MULTIMEDIA DANCE JOURNEY-  Choreographer/Producer/Soloist  -  CoLab Arts Collaborative

B.A. Dance & Human Rights, Barnard College of Columbia University, Magna cum laude

Technique & Scene Study:   The Studio / New York - Jayd McCarty, Barnard Theatre - Rebecca Guy, Rob Bundy
Fitzmaurice Voice:                The Studio / New York - Ilse Pfeifer
Shakespeare:                        Barnard Theatre - Rebecca Guy
Practical Aesthetics:              Atlantic Acting School - Jordan Lage, Danny Mitarotondo
Viewpoints:                            Rob Bundy, The Viewpoints Collective - Jacob W. Patorti
Monologue Method:             Joel Hatch
Immersive Theatre:               Jennifer Jancuska + The BringAbout, The Viewpoints Collective

Voice             Michael Pesce
Vocal Jazz    Scott Shrimpton (MN), Phil Mattson (IA)
Voice Over   Jason Sasportas, Carrie Faverty, Piper Goodeve (audiobook)

Ballet:       Katie Glasner, Sabrina Pillars, Daniel Blake
Modern:   Colleen Thomas, Rika Okamoto, Alex Brady, Andrea Miller, Ori Flomin
Jazz:         Katiti King
Tap:           Faith Halaska, Katie Smith
Hip Hop:   Tracie Dobbie (New Zealand)
Musical Theatre:   Jennifer Jancuska
Afro-Cuban:    Rebecca Bliss

Collaborator, Jennifer Jancuska + The BringAbout
Volunteer Teaching Artist, Artists Striving to End Poverty (ASTEP)
Dialects (American: Minnesotan, Southern; Australian; New Zealander; British), French (conversational), Wolof (elementary, semester in Senegal), Piano (8 yrs), Trombone (7 yrs), Ukulele (basic), Soprano/mix (strong legit top and broad range), Dance (20 years), Choreography, Advanced Yoga, Pilates, Back Walkover, Running, Cross-Country Skiing, Ice Skating, Swimming, Sewing (machine and hand stitch), Driver's License, U.S. Passport

*Denotes immersive production