*Equity Membership Candidate

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THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH - Telegraph Boy, Muse, Conveener, Hester - Berkshire Theatre Group / David Auburn
WHITE CHRISTMAS - Judy Haynes - La Comedia Dinner Theatre / Chris Beiser
WHAT WOULD JUDY DO? A JUDY GARLAND CABARET (MN Tour) - Solo Performer, Creator, Producer - Reif Center (MN), Bryant-Lake Bowl (MN)
ROLL OUT THE BARREL  -  Ensemble, Featured Dancer  -  Busch Gardens Williamsburg / Jennifer Jancuska

WHAT WOULD JUDY DO? A JUDY GARLAND CABARET - Solo Performer, Creator - The Laurie Beechman Theatre / Michael Pesce
APSU AT DUSK - Ksenia - Columbia University School of the Arts / Jacob Basri
WHAT WOULD JUDY DO? A JUDY GARLAND CABARET  -  Solo Performer, Creator, Producer  -  The Duplex Cabaret Theatre / Michael Pesce
THE BAD YEARS*  -  Ensemble -  Kerrigan-Lowdermilk / c. Jennifer Jancuska
IT'S JUST NOT IMPORTANT  -  SallyAnne  -  TADA! Youth Theatre
TELEPHONE PLAY  -  Thistle  -  Oh Force! Theatre Co. / Lio Sigerson
MY LIFE AMONG THE SERIAL KILLERS*  -  Heather West  -  The Viewpoints Collective / Jacob W. Patorti
SEXUAL PERVERSITY IN CHICAGO (workshop)  -  Danny Shapiro   -  Aroma Theatre Collaborative / Alexis Wilcock
PLAYGROUNDS  -  Cynthia  -  Columbia University Players / Lilla Goettler (WORLD PREMIERE)
LAS MENINAS -  Lady-in-Waiting  -  Barnard Theatre / Daniela Varon (NEW YORK PREMIERE) 

SHATTERED, Ep. 305 (upcoming Fall 2019) - Guest Star - Investigation Discovery / Red Marble Media
1990s: THE DEADLIEST DECADE, Ep. 309 - Guest Star - Investigation Discovery / Lion Television
DEADLINE: CRIME WITH TAMRON HALL, Ep. 303  -  Featured Reenactment  -  NBC / Peacock Productions
ROSE'S ROOM  -  Lead  -  Jorge Arzac

THE WHALE (music video)  -  Featured Dancer  -  Daniel Emond Music / Thomas Rowell, c. Andrew Harper
RIGHT HAND MAN  -  Lead Dancer  - Rafael Martinez-Salgado, c. Andre Malcolm
DO NOT DISTURB  -  Lead Dancer  -  Jack Turits, c. Chelsea Keys
THE GRID  -  Lead Dancer  -  Elizabeth Altomare, c. Julia Discenza


AND IT FELT LIKE A KISS*  -  Lead  -  Dixon Place / Brandon Powers
TREEFROG IN STONEHENGE  -  Principal  -  Miller Theater / Twyla Tharp
RITUAL  -  Principal  -  Miller Theater / Larry Keigwin
MASS OBSERVATION  -  Principal  -  New York Live Arts / Sidra Bell

WHAT ARE WE? (short film)  -  Associate Choreographer  -  Georgica Films / Jonah Feingold, c. Brandon Powers
ARDEN/EVERYWHERE: THE AS YOU LIKE IT PROJECT  -  Assistant Movement Director (mov. Brandon Powers)  -  BPAC / Jessica Bauman
THE GOREE ALL-GIRL STRING BAND  -  Movement Assistant (mov. Brandon Powers)  -  NYMF / Ashley Brooke Monroe
HERE: A MULTIMEDIA DANCE JOURNEY-  Choreographer/Producer/Soloist  -  CoLab Arts Collaborative

[Public Event] Unexpected Pairings: Beer & Chocolate - Featured Jazz Singer - Museum of the City of New York
[Public Event] New York’s Golden Ice Age - Featured Jazz Singer - Museum of the City of New York

B.A. Dance & Human Rights, Barnard College of Columbia University, Magna cum laude

Technique & Scene Study:   The Studio / New York (Jayd McCarty), Barnard Theatre (Rebecca Guy, Rob Bundy)
Fitzmaurice Voice:                The Studio / New York (Ilse Pfeifer)
Shakespeare:                        Barnard Theatre (Rebecca Guy)
Practical Aesthetics:              Atlantic Acting School (Jordan Lage, Danny Mitarotondo)
Viewpoints:                            Rob Bundy, The Viewpoints Collective (Jacob W. Patorti)
Monologue Method:             Joel Hatch
Immersive Theatre:               Jennifer Jancuska + The BringAbout, The Viewpoints Collective

Voice             Michael Pesce
Vocal Jazz    Scott Shrimpton (MN), Phil Mattson (IA)
Voice Over   Jason Sasportas, Carrie Faverty, Piper Goodeve (audiobook)
Commercial Brette Goldstein, Jeffrey Dreisbach
On-Camera Workshops Adrienne Stern, Maribeth Fox, Sig De Miguel

Ballet:       Katie Glasner, Sabrina Pillars, Daniel Blake
Modern:   Colleen Thomas, Rika Okamoto, Alex Brady, Andrea Miller, Ori Flomin
Jazz:         Katiti King
Tap:           Faith Halaska, Katie Smith
Hip Hop:   Tracie Dobbie (New Zealand)
Musical Theatre:   Jennifer Jancuska
Afro-Cuban:    Rebecca Bliss

Collaborator, Jennifer Jancuska + The BringAbout
Volunteer Teaching Artist, Artists Striving to End Poverty (ASTEP)
Dialects (American: Minnesotan, Southern; Australian; New Zealander; British), French (conversational), Wolof (elementary, semester in Senegal), Piano (8 yrs), Trombone (7 yrs), Ukulele (basic), Soprano/mix (strong legit top and broad range), Dance (20 years), Choreography, Advanced Yoga, Pilates, Back Walkover, Running, Cross-Country Skiing, Ice Skating, Swimming, Sewing (machine and hand stitch), Driver's License, U.S. Passport

*Denotes immersive production